Asus vs. evga

i am getting an gtx 770. i have been looking at the evga and the asus versions. my computer has a red and black color scheme, so i was leaning toward the asus, until i looked into recoloring it. i would do exactly what wendell did with his 770, but red. so it really just comes down to the software and hardware. price does not matter. i just want the better 2gb card. i just want some other opinions. i am going to overclock the hell out of it, so that also needs to be considered. thank you for your time.

I've had ASUS and EVGA cards and currently have an EVGA GTX 780 with the ACX unit. Both are very good and both are very quiet. 

I really don't know what you mean by software. EVGA Precision X and ASUS GPU Tweak are relatively similar and can both be downloaded for free and will work with either card. I use MSI Afterburner myself. 

Both cards are basicly great, not much of a diffrence i guess. i personaly have to say that i like the looks of the EVGA ACX cooler more especialy if you paint it. ☺ but thats just looks, in terms of performance and quality, they will most likely be equaly.

Evga has 4gb flavors, so it edges out Asus.

If all you want is performance, you might want to look at the ASUS.

However EVGA has a great warranty and excellent customer service and the ACX cooler is no slouch.  It's also quite the looker, though I still think the Titan blower cooler is the sexiest.

Asus has 4gb flavours as well, and for the looking, I prefer Asus, but both will perform extremely well