ASUS Tuf VG-27 (VG27AQL1A) Color Calibration & Info

It’s an impressive monitor, and a decent savings over the ROG Strix version of the same panel. The specs show this monitor being slightly slower, but my experience with it was quite positive. 144hz really is something special.

VG27AQL1A #1 2021-05-31 15-23 2.2 F-S (1.5 MB)

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Can confirm this monitor is great. 1440p, 170Hz overclockable, great colors, and HDR 400. Sweet spot for gaming and office tasks. HDR with Doom Eternal was a great experience and much better than my HDR10 TV.

Nice monitor but up here it costs around €500,- ish.
And that makes it a little bit of a difficult purchase.
Given that monitors like the LG 27GL850 is like €100,- ish cheaper.
And still one of the more popular gaming ips monitors.
Curious how those two monitors would stack up against eachother.
And if the Asus has any special sauce or features to it,
over the LG to justify it’s price premium.

But aside from that, the Asus is a really nice monitor yes.

I’ve got two of these monitors and they had a nice balance between features and price. They were roughly $650 CAD each from HDR is nice in Doom Eternal and 170hz feels great in game. While brightness isn’t that great when compared to higher HDR standards it is better than the average monitor so I’m happy with that.

Definitely going to give that calibration a try.

Edit: turns out you can’t change the colour when HDR is enabled on the monitor. I have it disabled in Windows and games can enable it as necessary which is a nice setup.

Is the USB hub powered when you don’t plug anything into the USB-B jack?

Never quite understood why these cannot be set to be powered from the display’s onboard power supply instead of behaving exclusively like a separate device from the monitor.

Hey @wendell Just saw the video about the VG27AQL1A here is the setup! very messy atm. :slight_smile:

VG27AQL1A in the middle, and two VG27AQ’s.

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I’m curious as to what 170Hz overclockable means? How do they squeeze more bandwidth out of DP1.2 to achieve this? Do they use chroma-subsampling? And does the image quality suffer as a result of the OC?

The display runs RGB 4:4:4 at 8 bit (AMD Driver). I don’t notice any suffer in image quality at this time. I run it at 165HZ to match my other display. If you have a good quality cable you shouldn’t run into any issues. Bandwidth doesn’t seem to be an issue. Definitely not an expert in any of this.