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These are popping back up in stock here and there. Be sure not to overpay unless you plan to mine 24/7 with these cards.

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are 570s generally below $200? before the mining craze?

Yeah, that was probably the best performance/$ card some time ago.

Man… I was a click away from a $220 RX480 4GB (Red Devil) not too long ago… That’s $220 CANADIAN dollars… and a $20 MIR iirc. I see now I should have grabbed it even though it was a crappier 480 (was a Red Devil V2 I think, better VRM).

I could not see a price history on it:

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Good thing you didn’t, that thing is terrible shudders

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So cheap though.

And you get what you pay for :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, a primary reason not to buy. Save a bit more and get something better.

I would have been impressed if it could sustain the stock 1266MHz boost clock. :wink:

So is problem with those commodity business machines and the Asus Strix RX570 related to how much juice it demands from the PCI slot? Didn’t notice if it was mentioned.

yes and no. Except for SFF OEM systems, everything from ivy on will do 75w from the primary slot. Maybe the inspiron/home grade desktops that’s not true I mostly know about optiplex and the hp workstations. The older SFF machines are 25/35w a lot of the time.

UEFI problems are the other big part of it. But 750ti and 1050ti work fine on same machines so its… gotta be a bug amd side in at least some small way.

Regarding compatibility with older systems I managed to get the Asus RX 570 Expedtion 4G to run in a Dell XPS 420 with a Q6600 CPU without any fuss but it’s probably a gamble although all hope is not lost.