Asus sage c621e turning on on its own with code 00

Hi, i wrote a few days ago to ask for help with an asus sage c621e not posting past error code 00. At the time i did not have the waterblocks for the lga 3647 socket and was pushing down the cpus by hand, so the issue seemed like a socket pressure issue. I recieved today the waterblocks and tightened them all the way. If i flip the switch in my psu, the board instantly turns on with a code 00. It doesnt restart, and forcing it to turn off by pressing on the on button a few seconds turns it off, but it doesnt turn back on with the button. Just the psu.

Did you try this BIOS? I used a Link from winraid Forum.

After succesfull flash make a BIOS reset and try with one CPU installed and only one ramstick.

The First Post can Take Up to 5mins.

yeah, its the one i currently have flashed. I will try leaving it on for a bit longer, maybe the problem its the 5 minutes like you said. I’ll try it out

If anyone is interested or with the same problem and stumbles on this thread, the board was dead. I ended up selling it on ebay for parts and buying a new one. Once i flashed the modded bios it POSTed with no major issues.

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