Asus Sabertooth X99 BIOS 3004

Just as an FYI, I updated my Sabertooth X99 to BIOS version 3004 and lost all ability to control Fans 1 through 4. The "fix" Asus came up with was to clear the CMOS by pulling the battery. That didn't work.

What I found that did work, was to install (using RevoUninstaller) AISuite 3 and do the fan calibration and settings. I rebooted and I was able to control the fans using the BIOS settings, even after uninstalling AISuite 3.

As a side note, I have a Kraken X61 and AISuite 3 messes with it terribly. CAM can't control the pump and fans.

I sent this info to Asus and maybe they will either fix the BIOS and/or possibly fix the problem running both AISuite 3 and CAM at the same time.

I'm glad I'm retired and have the time to mess with this... stuff. : )


Thanks for the heads up. I feel since after getting this board last fall it's been one long beta test for me. I still have random problems booting off of the M.2 from a cold start where it doesn't even show up in the boot list.

Luckily the Corsair H110i pump is powered direct from the PSU so if I do venture into 3004 it shouldn't cook the CPU.

They should rename the board to Saberteethingproblems X99. ;)

This is the first issue I have had with this motherboard. Asus in the past has been kind of wonky with fan support (X58 boards come to mind). I have a Samsung PCI-E 951 M.2 as my boot drive (along with 2 Intel 730 SSDs and a WD 2TB HD). Haven't had a boot issue yet. I've disabled CSM and just use secure boot. I have this same drive in a H97I-Plus and it works as a boot drive with no problem, other than that, the M.2 slot in the H97I is only half the speed of the X99's slot. The only other PCI-E device in the Sabertooth is my GPU. I think that M.2 slot shares with one of the other PCI-E slots on the mobo. I've also have the controller set to RAID and not AHCI, since I believe I read in one of the manuals that is the preferred setting when using an M.2 drive.

I've contacted Asus and NZXT to find out if I can use one of the ASST_FAN headers for the Kraken X61 3 pin connector and just plug the fans into the CPU and CPU_OPT headers. The Kraken's pump is variable speed, but I have seldom seen it over 2600 rpm under full load (CPU and GPU) and the max core temp I seen is 60C (5820K with an XMP overclock (3.6GHz)). Apparently, according to some Googling, NZXT says that the settings for the pump are retained by the pump, even if CAM isn't running, although I think it's just the min setting.

Anyway, this may be a good science project for tomorrow and hopefully I won't have to use any of the fire fighting training I received in the Navy. 8O

That's what I do with the H110i: The two fans are plugged into the CPU and CPU_OPT as they are both driven at the same speed based on the first fan header and the pump sensor on ASST_FAN1 just for monitoring. I could control the pump speed through Corsair Link but I'm okay with the default setting and would rather not install the software.

As for the M.2 I'm using a Samsung 950pro. Latest drivers, not using the shared PCIe slot, made sure BCLK was set to 100MHz when using XMP, fiddled with every setting in the UEFI, etc. It is an NVMe drive so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. Looking around I'm not the only one having issues with it. There are reports that 3004 removes the NVMe menu in advanced settings and now shows an NVMe device as N1 port in the boot list:

I shall give 3004 a go this weekend and report back.

Well after running 3004 all day yesterday, shutting down, rebooting, whatever without any fan problems, I hit the power button today and the fans were displaying incorrectly again. I did power off the surge strip that this computer is plugged into at night, but I don't know why that should make a difference.

Flashed back to BIOS 2101 and all seems stable again.

Right now I'm going to leave it at 2101 and wait until Asus comes up with something less funky before I upgrade the CPU in this system.


Asus came out with an upodated BIOS 3101. So far, the fans are working. Hope it stays that way.

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Just as a followup... I flashed from 2101 to 3101. Had a little scare as I thought it was in a boot loop while flashing. But I guess it just flashes each update in series.

Fans are working as per normal but it still has not fixed my random M.2 boot issue. I just wish there was a screen in the Sabertooth UEFI to show what is plugged into all of the PCIe lanes not just the x16.

I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the 950pro itself as it gets hot even when the PC is shutdown.