Asus Sabertooth FX R2.0 USB 3.0 Issue

Hi, I recently finished building my new computer and have encounted one issue with my USB 3.0 slots.

They don’t seem to work I mean when I connect something to them it powers up put doesn’t show up in windows.

I have all the latest drivers and I am hoping it is something I have to turn on because I don’t really want to replace the motherboard. The normal USB 2.0 slots are working fin on both front and back panel connecters I am wondering if it might be in bios somewhere but I am a bit of a noob this being my first build and all.

I am very grateful for any contributions


System Specs

Asus Sabertooth FX R2.0 Mobo

AMD FX 8350

Antec High Current Pro 750 Watt

MSI Radeon Hawk 7870 2GB

Crucial M4 256 GB

Samsung 830 64GB

Western Digital Black 2TB

Antec Dark Fleet 85

G. Skills 16GB 1600 MHz (2x 8GB)


Open up device manager (Start > Right click "Computer" > Properties > Device Manager on left, 2nd option). Are there any yellow exclamation points?

no there arent any 

thank you though


everything to do with usb 3.0 and 2.0 is enabled in the bios 

Well, i had a similar issue with my MSI P67A-G45, but it turns out my drivers never installed correctly (even by the installer from MSI), so I had to manually extract and install the drivers.

My only advice is to get help from ASUS's technical support, which will likely result in an RMA.

ok damm im might renistall all the drivers thank you for your advice