Asus sabertooth drivers

Hi guys i have a problem.

So today i builded my first system en it's a beats but i can't install drivers for my motherboard .

When i go to the bios i see my 5 drives installed but when i boot u windows i cant see them. When i go to the asus site i can download drivers but they come in a sys file with i have never heard of. Also my windows is a system builder is that the problem? Help would be appreceated.

It's not too clear from your post, but are you on about the HDDs?

If so in the start menu, right click 'Computer' and select 'Manage'.

A new window shall appear and within the left hand navigation, expand the option 'Storage' and select 'Disk Management'.

Your drives should appear in here, but with no letters assigned to them (aka a mount point). Select one of the drives without a letter, right click and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths', choose 'Add' and then use any letter (i advise using the first avaliable/the one suggested.)

If the drive requests a format, let it with a file format of 'NTFS'. Do not format the drive if it already has data you wih to keep on it.