ASUS Router and Subnet Segments

I have a ASUS router and have been playing around with different subnets, but I can not for the life of me get communication to work against my different subnets.

Right now I’m just trying to get my two simple subnets ( and to work together, and eventually I have plans to expand out to 6 different segments if I can, but I cant get this first one to work.

I thought that the static routes option would be what I’m looking for, but after reading into the documentation I don’t think this is what I’m looking for.

I know someone will ask, although it is not relevant to this topic (as they all use the same firmware) it is a ASUS RT-AC3200.

Bonus Credit: I have a enterprise grade TP Link Switch that I have gotten this to work on, but I can’t get anything on the ASUS subnet to recognize anything on the TP Link’s stuff. So if you can help me cross that barrier I’d like that too.

Subnet mask needs to be then.

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So actually, I had to spend some time with this… I had set it in the gui, but after ssh - I found it never applied. Set it via ssh and it works now. Thanks for the sanity check.