Asus rog swift pg43uq

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG43UQ - 43" LED Monitor - 4K UltraHD

Wondering if anyone has had the chance to do a review or seen the ASUS PG43UQ in action seeing as I am seriously considering it.

Hello! and welcome to lvl1techs!

tomshardware has a review about the monitor.

I’ve had the “asus rog swift pg278q” for ~five years now and I’ve absolutely loved it.

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Thanks, I read the review and it does get one excited but I am hoping to hear from anyone that has been on the newer one.
If you know of anyone please point them this way.

Thanks again!

I’ve bought Asus PG43UQ, a new one with 144Hz, DSC, HDR1000, G-Sync certified, etc.
On the good side:

  • Colors are good
  • Doom Eternal looks fantastic and smooth on PG43UQ
  • The white color is so bright that after some time it hurts your eyes

Known issues from XG438U are also reproduced on my PG43UQ
I can confirm that issues with blurry text are still present and also other VA issues aren’t fixed like smearing or inverse ghosting. Overdrive still isn’t doing anything useful.
To partially fix issues with ‘smearing’ and fonts clarity I had turned on ELMB and set Blur Clarity to 100.Also I had to apply registry BGR fixes. Apps with Dark mode works well with those settings, the glow effect doesn’t exist, but the picture brightness is very low. A text with small fonts and 100% scaling are good, but still not sharp.
I think that some processing from the monitor side is creating font rendering issues, and not ‘BRG’ like in many posts users are referring to. For some unknown reason the upper third of the panel is more weirdly blurry then the lower third part. I’ve done some short testing in Windows. I saw that Windows 10 UI forms are having problem showing descriptions in gray color (under dropdowns or buttons). Strange issue with letters that are cut from the top. If I moved my head a few inches to upper positions the grayed text looked normal.
I have tried many settings to fix fonts rendering, also ones from Level1Tech posts but nothing helps.

Scrolling text in a browser or editors was very blurry also. ‘1ms - 144Hz’ should produce smooth scrolling, but on this monitor is misspelled.

So don’t expect some miracles from VA panel for gaming.

I’m still wondering why did I paid premium price for this monitor.
I think that PG43UQ must be skipped for now. Maybe some new firmware from Asus can fix some of the issues on this model. But they just repeated the same mistakes from older XG438UQ…


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