ASUS ROG Hero VII Wifi BIOS Update Question

Hey folks,

I successfully updated the BIOS on my ASUS ROG Hero VII Wifi last night. This was to BIOS 3004.

I was just wondering if anyone else has done this update? I noticed during boot I get a weird screen for about 1 to seconds that I never saw before.

The screen is black with an underscore " _ " .

it eventually boots up, and doesn’t seem to be a problem, but just wondered if anyone else noticed this.

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I have not personally updated my C7H yet - even though I have a 3800X in the box waiting for it. So kudos to you for taking the plunge!

What I can say is from posts on the ROG Crosshair VII overclocking thread at - it is not an issue. If I recall correct whats happening there is discrete GPU detection/initialization or boot order detection but I could be 180 out on those. Either way it is not an issue - unless it never gets past that …

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thanks for the heads up, I had never messed around that site before, but it looks rather informational so it’s in my bookmarks now!

as for the update, it was relatively easy, I just popped a usb stick in and did the bios update through the easy bios update screen in the bios.

I did not use the bios usb slot, I just used a regular usb slot, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Funny thing is, I only did this update due to stability issues after upgrading to the latest linux kernel (I’m still rocking the 2700). It appears after linux kernel 5.3 I started noticing random lockups and screen freezes, so far so good, but further testing to see if the system is solid now.

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