Asus R7 260X issue

My Asus r7 260x oc 2 gb graphics card will act up by displaying patches of discolored and scrambled squares on the default profiles even on the desktop and the only way to get it to stop is to run the fans at 100 % I have tried to get it replaced and the store finds nothing wrong with it... What can I do to fix it?

temps(normal temps and gpu temps)? drivers?

Hovers around 30 degrees Celsius on desktop and will go up to 77 degrees in game and I am running the latest drivers from Asus not AMD


That can be drivers but there is a high chance of bad memory. if the store cant find a fault then try different drivers but squares of random colours are a common theme of memory overclocked too high or failing.

i think you need to install the 13.12 drivers. not the beta or even some older drivers. the 260x is a special card. different than other cards. the 7790 260x 290 and 290x are the newer cards with gcn 1.2 i believe. how did you install the drivers? the best is to go the the amd site and go to drivers and fill in your system and they give you the latest stable drivers and the latest beta drivers. i also got some weird blocks on my screen sometimes. never had that with older drivers.

if that didn't helped try to downclock your ram. with asus gpu tweak you can set your ram speed to a very low speed. if this helped you got very bad ram chips on your card and you try to email asus, they will help you and you probably need to do some tests with your card and if they believe you, they will give you a new card.