Asus ProArt B650-Creator — ASPM disabled with C3 state only

I just got the B650 Creator motherboard and a Ryzen 7900 as I am switching to AMD after my W680 fiasco.

I am aware that AMD chips idle higher than Intel, however I also understand the regular power saving tricks, ie. ASPM and low C-States should work just fine.

So imagine my surprise when I saw AMD PCI controllers reimporting in Proxmox as having ASPM disabled and only C3 state available.

Note that this is without any peripherals whatsoever, except two Lexar NM710 disks, which have the ASPM enabled.

ASPM in BIOS is set to Native, C-States enabled, all power saving in powertop enabled and PCI link state set to powersave in /proc. The latter actually enabled ASPM on one of the root controllers, but I still see one of the PCI Controllers with some more AMD devices having ASPM disabled.

Any idea why can this be? I am on the road now, hence no terminal excerpts, but I can provide them later on.

I don’t want to force ASPM, it doesn’t always work (and can result in false positives). Things should just work without resorting to hacks like this.