Asus p4s8x-x help please

my mother board is a asus p4s8x-x. this is in a computer with a 400watt psu but the other spec i dont know as i havent used this pc in ages. 

my problem is that it all powers up (led is green/ no beeps that i can hear) but no image appears on my screen. its a ati sapphire x1600 pro agp card but its just the "no signal though the vga. it did not have a card in before, i just put this in but no cards work not even pci. 

what can it be and how can i fix it? 

if you remove the graphics card and use the onboard vga does it work?


im pretty sure theres no on board vga, it has the pink printer connector and a com1 port

huh, i pulled up the specs and it lists a d-sub but that could be wrong.  Have you check that the cord and monitor work with another pc?

yh it worked on my last pc, it has the 9 pin port on the m/b with green backing, whats that?

serial port most likely

what is that, and what is it used for?

use to be used for connecting routers or modems and things. Basically what usb does today.

unless you fixed your issue, check the ram too, make sure the sticks are seated properly. I had a system that occasionally I had to reseat the ram and video before it would boot.