Asus or Asrock AURA Sync Linux

Hey there,

I'm planning to buy a new motherboard.
Since I recently moved to Linux I was wondering.

Is it possible to use motherboard RGB LED control in Linux?

I had this crazy idea to use a windows VM for it and run the software in it...
Don't think it would work tho..

are there any boards where you are able to configure it in BIOS?

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This is wat I'm planning to build:

Would it work with linux?

To my knowledge only Aorus have it built into the UEFI. RGB Fusion in Peripherals. Its limited compared to the windows software.

I have not found any video footage of it being used on X370, but the manual says yes.


I will have a look at all the major providers of X370 boards and get back.

Okay so BETA 1.61 of the UEFI for the Asrock Killer X370 you have listed has the RGB function enabled. The manual is pretty vague.

Asus I can't find reference other an on/off

Less for MSI.


Yup Biostar of all people have RGB support in their UEFI

So far it sounds like Aorus, Asrock and Biostar have in UEFI control. With Aorus and Biostar seemingly from day 1. Asrock have it in a beta release.

Though it seems like X370 boards are getting UEFI updates all the time. MSI and Asus might get their eventually.

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Thank you very much