ASUS MX279H 27" monitor

I would like to ask anyone who owns one of these monitors to give me their opinion on it. If anyone is unfamiliar with the monitor here is a link : . Anyone who does not own the monitor please don't give me any grief about this monitor just because it isn't a 1440p 27 inch monitor, It looks great for the price and I was wondering if anyone actually had hands on or eyes on experience with this monitor. 

I own one, and I bought it because of the positive recommendations of various reviews, and all emphasized that only has one flaw, and that is the low resolution, and there is only one downside, I quote:

just because it isn't a 1440p 27 inch monitor

Windows 8 system fonts look jagged or very dim, depending on the settings. On Linux situation is even worse, and again system fonts look very rough, any application under WINE has a very poor rendering of fonts and on MX279H it looked even worse. 

Playing games on MX279H is not a pleasant experience because there is a stutter in the middle of the screen, which does not exist on the Samsung 24 "LED monitor. Alleged 5ms response time is not very accurate. Noticeable screen tear while scrolling pages in browser drove me nuts. Also noticeable screen tear when rotating objects in 3D program has left a bitter taste. I could not believe it, so I connected it to my other configuration (Core i3 / Asus Radeon HD6950) via HDMI cable. Additional problems from the start, MX279H did not want to present picture to the edges, so I was forced to set additional Catalyst options. I use Samsung monitor on the same configuration via the same HDMI cable and have no problems. To make a long story short, still jagged fonts, stuttering ...

I spent days trying to set up my MX279H that has so fantastic design. I used intensive Google search hoping to find a solution. Unfortunately I found practically nothing new. I concluded the same thing as the beginning, panel lacks a higher resolution. MX279H is an AH-IPS Panel and the colours are insanely good compared to a TN panel, viewing angles are so great. I could recommend it only for watching movies in 1080p, perhaps for presentation in a small office.


For that kind of money ,  there are links here at the tek to 1440 monitors for less money.

No way jose! Get an XStar or Qnix, etc. I just picked up an XStar from dream seller on eBay, and its beautiful! 2560 x 1440, and No dead pixels. Its a perfect monitor! I couldnt be more happy with it, and I only paid $260 for it. But I think they are back up to $280 now. Either way that is an incredible price for a 27 inch 1440P monitor! Plus the price includes fast shipping. Go check it out. Im sure there are plenty of people here who will vouch for the South Korean monitors. And if you need something with 1080p for games, you still can. Also I was able to overclock mine from 60 to 120. But I keep it at 96 because I found thats were i get the best performance.