Asus Maximus VI Hero vs Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5

need help choosing one for my build

I would say which ever one has the features that you want the most

that's the problem i don't really know what features are better to have, i'm a bit of a noob.

Are you using an Atx case or a matx case? is form factor/ size a thing for you?


size doesn't matter, i was gonna go for the Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl case for my new build 

ok honesty they are very similar if you are doing a color themed build I would go with the color you want  I personally would get the Hero and a Fractal R4 windowed but that is me.

okay thanks for the help :)

Hey man, for performance, I imagine both of these to be equal, So as far as overclocking and all that it should be great.

My main reason for going with the hero personally is that the hero comes with a built in sound solution that is worth probably about 30-40 bucks. JJ of Asus has talked about this in some of his videos. I am going to be listening on some nice headphones when I can afford them, and I look forward to hearing the difference.

Also, the hero has "game first II" which, apparently, prioritizes your traffic information to make your games run with lower latency. I don't know how good it is, I've read that it's not, and I've read that it is.

That's just my take.

the gigabyte one has creative labs audio and a killer network card so that makes then even more similar.

Fair enough, I hadn't read anything about it. I'll have to look into it myself.

well the main diffrences between those 2 boards is that the hero is ATX and the Gigabyte is a micro atx  thats something to keep in mind, if you prefer a small case micro atx then the gigabyte is a good choice. if you don´t care about size, you wanne have a ATX case anyway, then i would recommend the Msi Z87 Mpower.  this board cost the same as the sniper, it also has the killernick lan, but this board has also bluetooth and Wlan onboard.  and 16 powerphases for the cpu. what will give you a good overclockability.

But back to your main question, both boards are great. its more depending on the size you the case you personaly prefer.

Grtz Angel ☺

Getting corsair obsidian 550D so think I'll get the hero board with 4770k and corsair h100 watercooler