ASUS M4N82 Deluxe VS Asus M4A785-M

Planning on upgrading to escape my bottlenecked gpu. I am debating what motherboard to either the M4N82 or the M4A785-M. I want to go with the M4A785-M cus i only have so much money and don't want to wait for my birthday although. I am wondering if someone could point out any big differences that id miss if i got the M4A785.

Hands down get the M4n82, or for that matter go to Newegg and get the M3N-HT. If you get the M4a, you miss out on SLi, you're also missing out on Pci-E 1x, which is important for add in sound cards. The biggest difference is the fact that you can't overclock the M4A785. They're in a totally different class, the M4N82 is worth the extra money.

well i dont care about sli pci ex 1 but i would need ocing abillity cus i went that road with ecs and im defently putting up some roadblocks once i get off

Yeah, I would never get another low end board after your experience. I also wouldn't get a Micro ATX board when I have a Mid Tower case.

yea i guess i'l just save up but micro atx doesnt make a difference besides size