Asus k55n backplate part

So my Asus k55n hinges were working a little too well because they put a bunch of stress on the screws that held my laptop to the hinges. The part on the inside where the socket to the screw that holds my hinge to the computer broke the plastic part I can get a picture.

If this can be fixed I would like to try that. If it can't how do I find the bottom part of the laptop?

You go on ebay and buy a shell of the same make/model. Only this time load the hinges down with WD40 so they dont stick

I have the shell of a k53 not sure if it's compatible

I don't think it is.

They don't sell shells on ebay. Otherwise I would have done that.

any k55 model should fit the last letter(s) denotes what's inside.

You said you had k53 right?

i found plenty

what did you search asus k55n back plates?

you just type k55 into Laptop Housings & Touchpads and they got plenty of replacement parts

So they had one bottom housing which holds everything together. 1 I want to confirm that it doesn't matter it just has to be k55 right?

So I found and look very different, but they have the same k55 one is just 100 times cheaper. What is the difference between these.

Go for the eBay replacement parts, but just as a side note, I found it interesting that its the hinge / hinge assembly again thats breaking on an Asus. I know their higher end ultrabooks such as the ux303 have had problems with hinges that don't rotate properly and break within a couple months of daily use.

yes, but i'd check and see if it would work first.. i doubt it, but the model is close so maybe.

I just need to order it that's all.