ASUS Job interview


Ive got an interview in the UK for a job at ASUS offices (right near my house)

The job requirements are very simple (I'm not in the slightest a PC wizard as far as programming/software goes)

It is basically overclocking and stability testing, pretty simple, jobs are scares here and even an interview is good.

Ive never done this sort of job before... Im an electrician/builder normally but have had no work for some time.

I obviously have experience with putting together PC's and overclocking so I do fit the requirments as I do it every day anyway. And I can learn what I need to very easy within a day whether it be how a certain chip overclocks etc.


So I just need some advice from anyone who has had a job liek this before? and I haven't overclocked any AMD/Bulldozer CPU's so I need to read a good overclocking guise so I undersatand and learn it before I go for the interview, and any other advice you could give?

Would be a great help, thanks!

I don't have any advice to hand out but I'd just like to know if the interview is over and how did it go?

I hope it's not too late...Read the company's objective and any recent general information you can find about them. These questions normally come up during interviews. Like..."What do you know about Asus?" And then you can just a answer with their general goals and some recent info on their current endeavours. It'll score you some points. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice!

I had the interview a few days ago and it went really well.

If I get through to the next interview I will deffo do what you said as it would be with the manager and he wiull probably ask that question.


Try to show why they should hire you over other ppl because if jobs are scarce ppl will kill for your job.