Asus EN210 Any thoughts?

hey Teksyndicaters .. 

I found Answer mines as this forum.. so hitting you another Question

I have old Core 2 duo E7200 CPU .. i just got new AMD 8350

so My Old PC is not selling over Ebay so decided to give it to my 14 year old cousine

he told me  to get new Graphics so any one have Experience with ASUS EN210

I search and its cheapest Graphics card Dedicated 1GB DDR3

Does it run NFS and stuff normal teenager play..

any any other cheap graphics card suggestion also welcome..
but please It need to cheap and remember its for 14 year old kid not high end enthusiast so keep that in mind



I don't think this will run any game . . . maybe in 640x480 but 720p or higher, i don't think so. What is your budge for the card? I know it has to be cheep but what is your limit? PS: some 14yo "kids" want to game just like you or me ;)

well i know him he just installs game and play it ... 
i know its not running games in there is no fixed budget i can buy AMD R290x but its not fare with old crappy core 2 duo (6 year old)..

so suggest something cheap that can run NFS and GTA v if its running very low specs dont worry about it.. 
so any thing better then this 210 and cheap as hell will work ..  

I think this should be the right card for the E7200. I had an E7600 (oc'd to 3,8Ghz) paired with a GTX 560 (witch i still use) and in some games the GPU was holding the E7600 back. I think for 83$/65€ you cant go wrong. But then again, I'm a gamer so i don't go with DDR3 cards.