Asus Customer Service RMA : Horrible

I've been dealing with Asus for a single RMA for months now, and as Wendel said in the newest tek, going online gets more help than actually talking to Asus, so maybe they will see this or someone can give me a possible solution.

A couple months ago my Asus R9 290 just shit the bed, no idea why just didn't output or it looked horrible, asus sends me first replacement, I had to pay for insured shipping (25$). The card that was returned immediately did not work and was very obvious it was a bad card, yet through their RMA tracker there is a quality check it passed. I called and let them knew, they sent me a prepaid shipping label because I already paid once and it was their mistake. A little more than two weeks ago I get it back in the mail, and its an Intel H87 motherboard they sent back.

Now for the passed 2 + weeks I've been dealing with Asus trying just to return this motherboard and get a working GPU back. At first I had to argue that I got a motherboard back because the serial number was a GPU serial number, thanks asus but I know what a motherboard is. Then they "sent" me a shipping label but I never got the label, and had a week of back and forth emails saying I did not receive the label, and them saying we sent the email again, I asked them to attach the label to our current email thread, they said they set up a FedEx pickup but did not because FedEx never came, and if they would've came I did not have a label on the box so they probably wouldn't take it. I've had a motherboard for almost 3 weeks and have gotten nowhere. I love my Asus products and in the passed 2 years have about 2000$ of Newegg invoices for Asus products, but will most likely never order Asus again.

yeah, i had created thread month or 2 ago that they went down with overall quality.

Just read that thread, cannot comment with Asus overall products too much because I've only been a PC builder / gamer for a little over a year.

But in my first dealing with customer service they are terrible