Asus 7970 Matrix Platinum vs Asus 680

I have been saving up for a better graphics card and i have decided to go for the 7970 matrix platinum but a asus 680 is the same price. so now i dont know which will give me better performace for the price. I run game at 1920x1080 and have a second 1200x724 screen so would i get a benefit from the 3gb on the 7970?



Currently the 7970 is the better performer here. The most important thing for you to consider here is the additional 1gig of ram on the 7970 that will help you game in higher resolutions, should you choose upgrade to it. Another thing to consider is mining for virtual currencies. The AMD cards cannot be matched by the Nvidia cards when it comes to this.

I have that exact 680 and I think you're better off with the 7970. Plus its from the ROG line, the 680 is not, so you get some bling/rep/style with the former option. 

For right now, the 7970 is only beat by the $200 more expensive 780, and titan. Unless you need cuda or play only physx games, go for the 7970, and invest the other $100 you save else where.

Its really a no-brainer to pick the 7970, for the same price, its faster, has more ram and comes with a monster game bundle.

I have the Asus gtx680 dcu2 TOP edition, (clocked to 1201). I'm really regretting not going for a higher memory as I'm going to be getting a 1440p monitor soon, but it should handle it well enough! right....?

You might have some difficulties at 1440p, or have to turn down graphics quality.

If you don't go crazy with the AA filters, you'll stay in the perfectly playable margin. The higher vram on the 7970 helps, but the 2gb on the 680 doesn't make it incapable of gaming. You'll be able to max out many games to come.

Take a look at this. And this.

That should help alleviate and inform you.

Thanks Izrail. 
I definitely prefer a higher res than having a massive amount of filters on anyway.
Here's my shopping list for my tax return.

No problem dude! If you're looking for feedback regarding your purchases, I highly recommend you make a thread for it in the PC hardware section, there are some people who are much more knowledgable than me when it comes to Monitors and Cases. 

Are you in the U.S. Duffy?

Australia, nregner.