ASUS 7850 CUII vs. XFX Double D and Core edition

Once again, I have been looking at some other GPU's and saw Logans review of the ASUS today. I have been looking at XFX for a long time because they have such a solid build quality. If I go with the XFX, they have the Core edition(with 1 fan) and the Double D(yum yum, lol, 2 fans :D). Now I won't be OC'ing the card, so would the 1 fan be sufficient and be fairly quiet?

As for the ASUS, the 7850 costs as much as a lot of other 7870's, and I really don't see that it would be worth it, since performance is better for the 70's. If I were to get one of these I might OC it a little bit since it is quiet and has really good cooling, but are they really worth the $40 extra over the XFX?

if you are not overclocking, why bother spending more on a cooler? just get the 7850 core.

I don't really want a loud fan tho. Right now I have a GTX 260 and it puts out a noticeable amount of noise when idling, and sounds like a fucking vacuum cleaner when under stress. I don't know if the 1-fan core is like that or not, but I don't want that shit for the next 3 years. Right now, ASUS 7850 is $200 after MIR compared to $160 for core. Doesn't seem too bad to me. If I spent the money for the ASUS I would probably give it an overclock. I have heard mixed things about the XFX coolers with them being hit and miss with proper build quality.

You want dem Double D's

The XFX is silent.

Is that for the single fan as well?

This is my 7770 DD GHZ edition that i tested in my intel rig.. running overclocked 1200mhz core on stock volts.



Judge for yourself how quiet that thing is..............



The only noise i hear is traffic outide LOL.

If you're planning to install 2 7850 in crossfire i would go with the XFX Double D because of the dual fan design, if not go with the cheapest card, i don't recommend the asus one because the 7850 model doesn't have Digi+VRM wich could give a OC advantage over the XFX... in my opinion of course

Correction, the Asus HD7850-DC2-2GD5-V2 (Version 2) has Digi+VRM

Well, the core version has one fan, so it is going to need to have a somewhat higher fan speed I am guessing. Between the DD and ASUS which are both about same price, I am leaning a little more towards the ASUS. I heard it OCs like a motherbuttfucker and can pretty much match a reference 7870.

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LOL, I am trying to get some feedback on the core edition so I dont need to spend an extra $40 on the DD or ASUS. With a 3 year build, I dont want to be stuck with a fucking vacuum cleaner.

Well If you turn down the speed of thgas ingle fan version you can expect it to silent.


The. Single. -_________________-

Well, I finally found some info about their noise. They are fairly quiet when idle but get pretty noisy once they are working. I guess that rules the core edition out.

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