Astronomical announcement! Meteor shower tonight

The largest meteor shower of the year happens tonight. (I am in the US). The Geminids. The moon will be on the other side of the world so if the skies are clear in your neighborhood it should be perfect viewing conditions hopefully quite a show . They are expected to peak at 1 hour universal time they usually have strong showing 8 to 10 hours before and after peak. The possibility of maybe one to two per minute from what I understand. Last year in North America the Moon interfered last year for optimal viewing.

@Wendell I’m curious are you powering your telescope with a Threadripper or an Epyc? But actually an automated telescope with 60 megapixel sensor, super fast storage, and little bit of AI would be a really awesome Level1 build. Maybe an Epyc mini ITX build???


I looked up the calendar


Next period of activity: December 4th, 2020 to December 17th, 2020

There’s a viewing location near where I live, but it’s about a hour out. If my friends were going, I’d probably tag along, but I don’t think I would go alone international meteor organization

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