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AsteroidOS now works on MTK6580 chipset Smart watches. Linux on the writs!


I got invested in smartwatches and bought a used LG G Watch R for 50 EUR. Tried Wear 2.0 and my head started spinning when I saw how much of google it needed to be installed on my Oneplus 3 (don’t know what else I expected).
Because of this I sideloaded AsteroidOS and it’s super nice. Snappy as hell. The only feature I miss is the compass because sensors aren’t supported.

But now this happened:

As of two days ago they added support for the MTK6580 CPU. That means around 20 watches got supported with everything working but the heart rate sensor for now.
One more addition is the Ticwatch but bluethoot is not working the same as on the Zenwatch 3 and is thus useless.

On Gearbest there are some great looking ones all around 100$. Personally the KW99 looks awesome. I am thinking of getting one and selling the G Watch R.

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Is it possible to run some 2fa authenticator on it? And guesses that there is nothing around $ 10?



Because of the nature of AsteroidOS you could try to make an app. Under the get involved page will you find more.
The cheapes and I think first watch where AsteroidOS was actually developed is the LG G Watch, which you can get for 20 EUR used. Just keep in mind the battery will probably last a day not more because this is an old watch.



I think, however, one or two generations too early for my needs. :wink:

I have a real need for something mobile, cheap and durable which can be carried by a child for the needs of 2fa instead of a smartphone. But the prices for the new ones are a bit absurd.

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