Assistance please on finding the best Linux

I use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit at the present time, I will not move to Windows 10 if the Key Logging remains. Even it is removed I think it is time to move on to Linux as my operating system. The key for me is applications that I use so finding a distribution that will run these applications is very important.

#1 Adobe Photoshop CS6

#2 Paragon Hard Disk Manager

#3 Quicken Deluxe

#4 Microsoft Office

The rest of the apps should be fine, I use Firefox now but will change to Chrome if needed.

There are so many Linus distributions available it is difficult to know where to start, I do not need a Windows look a like however I will need a clean interface to a local hardwired network computer (THPC).

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.



I know Zorin OS has Microsoft Office and Libre Office (the Open Source Alternative) but the first 3 i'm not so sure. Maybe Zoltan can tell you he's the Linux guy on the Forum.

everything you listed would need to run under wine, wine has been ported to pretty much everything

distribution shouldn't matter

Easiest Linux to live with Linux Mint 17 with the Cinnamon interface. Just works out the box.

Choices dual boot with Windows with Linux or run Windows in VirtualBox. You can use Wine, but why bother when you can use the real thing. If your copy of Windows came installed on your PC then the installation key has probably never been used before. So when you install Windows in VirtualBox register it with MS that key should work.

You could virtualize you existing hard drive. A  way to keep a copy of your Windows is by creating a special virtual hard drive with all the data currently on it. Microsoft supplies a pretty helpful tool to help you achieve this using your computer called Disk2vhd. 

On VirtualBox do not use import. You have a virtual hard drive (your .vhd file) which contains the files from your old Windows.

Copy the .vhd file to your new computer. Create a new Windows 7 64-bit virtual machine (click New in the VirtualBox Manager window) and when you get to the virtual disk section, select the option to use an existing hard drive, browse to your .vdi file and select it.

Them apps may not even work under wine,  diablo 3is said to and I never got it working, I suggest dual boot with something like manjaro you need something more bleeding edge to get the newer wine patches where your apps may work

Thank you all for your input, it gives me much to think about. I hope others might chime in on this thread and give me their thoughts.