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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Vega 64 tuning


So I’ve been playing this game and initially performance was not impressive especially with regard to stuttering and my fan couldn’t decide on rpm so it was ramping up and down so that it could almost be confused with in-game wind effects. Anyway, set it to a fixed value (around 30 % or 1900 rpm) and did some tuning to realize that underclocking the card yielded really good results. If I set power limit to -30 %, mem up to 1060 MHz and core to -2 % (in wattman) the card and game run really smooth on high and 1440p.

Now I haven’t done this in a methodical and scientific way so I’m sure there are other settings that work great too but I figured I’d share and would be glad to hear how others’ have tuned this card for this game.

I have the air cooled reference model of the card btw.


Have noted that GPU SoC clock doesnt rise up if there is something wrong with core, it could be that, but thats just guess

You can see that with just Firestrike Ultra that suddenly that “stable” OC is -500 points lower and thats because SoC clock stays 800mhz and doesnt jump up to 1100mhz~

This happens both with just failing OC and if I set the core to be under 1000mv, like even 999mv does that


Best I have managed to accomplish so far is to just let that core be, its stock, 1000mv and -50mv each step down
and focus on HBM, which is atm 1135Mhz / 1095mv, and undervolt is still work in progress thing


Vega 56 owner, with a blower cooler, can can confirm - this thing runs so much better undervolted. I have a profile set, but sometimes doesn’t apply and I notice it almost instantly - especially bad with Kingdom Come Deliverance. In MSI Afterburner, I apply a -75mV offset and crank the power limit (I think 25%) - the result is better performance (higher clocks sustained longer), lower temps, and quieter fan. I think Steve form GN got similar results when he first reviewed Vega FE.


Yeah, I read HBM is really about the temps and that it can be quite individual according to some article so one card can do well under high temps while another crashes.