Assassin's Creed III Download (Help)

I just recently redeemed the download code for my free version of Assassin's Creed III and I sent the download directory to my HDD because I'm only putting MMO's and such on there for fast loiad in times. But, it seems that it has downloaded it to my SSD and I can't seem to find it. IS there anyway to delete it from my SSD? Because I can't find it? Please Help

Might want to check your temp files, if not you could use Space sniffer or something of the like as AC3 will probably take a lot of space and it will show you where the file path is.

Where can I find those? (Temp Files)


Was it a steam code or something else?  if it was steam right click on the game hit properties then there should be an option to delete local files, one the game is deleted make a steam library in the other hard drive and it should ask you what one you want to put it in when you re-download it

It was Uplay