Assassins creed 3 on sale blackfriday

should i wait for the PC version or pick up the console version its gonna be on sale for like 38$ on black friday for the consoles. worth the wait for the PC version or just get console version now 

That all depends on your preference. Would you enjoy the game more on your PC or on your console??

I don't own a console and I get most of my games on Steam. I prefer to wait for a steam sale to get the games I want and I almost never buy games on release. Steam usually has a sale around 3-4 months after a games release date.

Well I didn't want to wait for the PC version so I picked up the 360 version on launch day

Wait for the steam version. You will get better graphics and you will be able choose between the keyboard and xbox360 controller for the controls. Who knows maybe it'll be on sale cyber monday.

i've played this series on consoles for the longest so im not a keyboard fan for single player games but thanks 


at this point i don't know yet but 38$ is a good deal 

You will probably get it for less than that on the Steam Holiday Sale. That means you have to be patient thogh...

I bought a new Samsung 840 pro SSD from newegg and got the free coupon for the game. So if anyone is looking to upgrade an SSD and wanting the game maybe a good choice. I wasn't really going to get it but I needed a new SSD and hell couldn't pass up the deal. Anyhow hope its got a good storyline.