ASRock970 extreme 4 not recognizing key/mouse

The computer I use as an audio workstation had a hard drive failure, since I was to lazy to set up a raid array there was no backup drive (yeah yeah, lesson learned). And of course, wouldn't you know it, it had to be drive with the OS on it. I pulled the HD and reconfigured the remaining ones figuring I would load the OS on another drive. Now when I boot up the machine and enter the BIOS it does not recognize either the keyboard or mouse in the ps or usb inputs. I have tried several keyboards and mice.

Several things to note:

A CMOS clear has no effect on recognition.

The keyboard works before entering BIOS, but once in, nada.

The MOBO is an ASRock970 Extereme4


Any Idea's out there? I'm pretty stumped at this point.