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AsRock X570 ITX TB3 - And audio latency on Ryzen 3rd gen in general

Hi guys, hope this is the right place, first post here!

So I just watched the video about thunderbolt 3 on ryzen. I’m on of those edge cases who uses TB3 regularly for audio production with my Universal Audio Arrow for real time VST recording/playing.

What worries me about transitioning into Ryzen is that I’ve heard it has some latency issue that might affect me.
You see, working with real time VSTs, latency is everything. Which is why I went through the hassle of going with a TB3 audio interface on a Z370 system. I’m getting about 2.5ms roundtrip.

Has anyone had any experience with using ASIO audio interfaces with real time VSTs versus using the same setup on Intel system and can confirm/debunk my latency worries?


Unfortunately I don’t have a TB audio interface.

Is there anything I can check with a MOTU UltraLite AVB (USB/AVB Ethernet) with a 3700X/X570 Taichi/64 GB)?

Don’t have it connected yet since I’m redoing all my computer setups (with hickups…) but could grab it.

If so, can you describe a testing methodology?

Honestly it wouldn’t be too complicated to test it. It doesn’t even require the interface to be TB3.

Simply, if you’re getting, say, 10ms roundtrip with your MOTU on an Intel setup, and you’re getting less/more latency on a ryzen 3rd gen setup, it would pretty much translate to any interface even tb3.
The systems would need to be somewhat equivalent; eg. 3700x vs 9700k.
I would suggest doing that with Guitar Rig 5 standalone, it has a built in latency readout in the settings. (I believe there’s a demo version available if you don’t own it already)

Thanks man!

I’ll give it a try with Guitar Rig when I get a chance. I currently have a Ryzen 3 TB setup using a Pre sonus Quantum interface. I don’t have any hard #'s at the moment, but from usage there is no perceived latency at all. I moved from a 6700K setup to a Ryzen 3800X. I am neck deep in recording an album , live and triggered in DAW drums, guitars, bass etc… several VST synths (UHE Zebra, and Diva) along with several N.I VI’s. I have not had to do any adjustments to the interface settings at all.

Here it is. Found the most CPU intensive preset. Can get it down to 1.1ms lowering the block size to 16.

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Dude! Thanks a lot! I truly appreciate this.

Do you record with those settings? Are you getting any pops/cutouts?

Yes, that’s my default setting. No pops, no cut outs. Works perfectly. I am in the middle of recording an album, I have not done a full mix yet with the Rzyen, I will be starting to mix in a few weeks, I may have to increase the sample size at that point once I start to add more plugins, but zero problems so far.

hmmm as a tb user i am intrigued by this nice information shared
@Kdavies ooooooooo that audio interface

Nice to see audio guys here.
ScanAudio did a great review on Ryzen 3000’s.
I’m still very happy with my Intel rigs, but really glad to see AMD taking market share.

Will be making my decision on new builds after Ryzen 3 and Tiger Lake are out this Winter.

With Intel x86 designs the cache is really helpful with latency and Time based plug ins like Heavily coded reverbs.
AMD cache and Infinity Memory design seemed to really help out.

Exciting times for us.