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ASRock X470d4u undervolt and limit powerdraw capability?


I like run this board with low power draw.

I’m looking thru the manual for the mobo and can’t find any OC settings.

Can you set VCore, VCore offset, CPU Ratio and similar?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t take my word as a fact, maybe I overlooked it since I couldn’t leave my test system offline for long.

The Eco Mode was introduced with AGESA 1004 B. Thanks to the user @Discipulus96 I could flash the Beta BIOS L3.33 with AGESA 1004 B on my X470D4U. The public BIOS 3.30 only has AGESA 1003 ABBA.

I’m currently running an R9 3900 PRO (65 W TDP out of the box) on it and on my initial BIOS setup routine with L3.33 I couldn’t find the “Eco Mode” option anywhere.

On an ASRock X570 Taichi with AGESA 1004 B the Eco Mode option is in the “AMD Overclocking” menu of the BIOS.

Note: Eco Mode is currently only available on Zen 2 CPUs (Ryzen 3000 series without integrated GPU)