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ASRock x470 or B450 for ITX build?


Pretty basic. I’ve decided ITX will be all I ever need. Won’t be doing crazy overclocks. Will be starting out with a R5 APU, 16gb ram and no GPU and possibly moving to a top tit R5, maybe an R7, possibly changing out to 32gb ram, and definitely getting a GPU(maybe a xx60ti series nvidia performance level, possibly xx70 series power level GPU. Doubtful I’ll get an 80 or 80ti series of power.)

There’s a $40 price difference between them. Got it narrowed down to these two due to I/O, color scheme, and a good review of the VRM’s for APU overclocking. Dude also said it was ‘the best all around’ design for an ITX board as far as VRM’s go. He didn’t have anything on the X470 version, though, as his X470 video all focused on ATX stuff.

I’m talking about Buildzoid, here. Anyway, since he didn’t have any insight on X470 ITX, I figured I’d ask you guys. Do tell. Any advantage in VRM or anything else spending the extra $40 for the X470 ASRock board?


The VRM is the same, the feature list is almost 1:1, so I see no reason to go for X470 if B450 is cheaper. Both have an M.2 on the back, both have Intel lan and Intel WiFi, so…
The 400 ITX boards are pretty much the same as the 300 series boards, especially from Asrock. They did almost no changes to their lineup of 400 boards… Just slightly better heatsink on the VRMs…


And the correct color scheme. Lol.

And off the shelf support for gen 2 cpus. As well as storeMI, not that I think I’ll be using that for a while.

Okay, thanks. Looks like my rig will be cheaper than I originally thought.

Last question. Worst case scenario Max of 5 fans, custom liquid cooling loop, and a 2080ti with a 2700x 32gb of ram, 2x ssd, 2x HDD, and an NVME. Fans would be RGB and there would be a controller, and I’d have an RGB strip or 2 in the case, too. How big of a PSU would I need for that. (the 650w and 550w versions of the corsair I picked are the same price, ATM, but the 750w is more expensive. The 550w is slightly physically smaller.))


550 should be more than enough, but just to be sure - go 650…
After all higher capacity PSU means lower usage, lower thermals, higher effectiveness (best around 50% power use), slower fan speed or off if the PSU have off…


The only reason you would want X470 is PCI-E Bifurcation to do SLI on ITX.


How TF are you gonna do SLI on an ITX??

Definitely made the right call with the B450, then. Lol.

I also changed up and went with a 2600 and a 1070. Shit’ll all be here by Wednesday. And everyone will know what I’M thankful for on Thanksgiving!


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