AsRock X399 UnRAID GPU Passthrough error

I am attempting to passthrough a gpu to a VM in Unraid and I keep getting the same error. The OS attempts to unbind the GPU from the Nvidia driver and it fails because it is in use. However, the GPU I am attempting to use is the 3rd in the system and is not used what so ever. For some reason, UnRAID at boot grabs all GPUs in the system and binds them. Attmpting to unbind them hangs the terminal and GPU driver as a whole. A power cycle is required to fix this machine state. The diagnostic logs are attached below. The end of the log is the VM failing to start due to the GPU unbind problem.

It’s worth noting on my previouse HW config (FX-6300, Asrock 970, Quadro K4000, GT 730) I had no issues with this. Maybe I am mis understanding something about how IOMMU works on this new motherboard? Does anyone have an idea what may be causing this?

TR 1920X
Asrock X399 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming
Quadro K4000
GT 730
Quadro (165.8 KB)