ASRock Sapphire Boost question [Solved]

There is this option in my BIOS to enable “Sapphire Boost”. And the best explanation as to what it is, is the reddit thread about it (which is only taking guesses).
When enabled, another option for CPU frequency and core voltage appear.

Is this some sort of “8th power state”?

Mobo: x370 Fatality Gaming K4
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700X
GPU: Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X

Edit #2:
Two badly taken screenshots:

Basically, it sets the CPU frequency and voltage to manual and sets them to 3.6 GHz (+200MHz above stock) while bumping the voltage by .25 Volts. The power states “break” by doing so (no downclocking when in idle according to ASRock F-Stream).
Will do some tests GPU wise if it does anything.

Is your hardware shy or something? Show it to us. We like seeing hardware…
There are 17 trillion Asrock boards and all Sapphire products in the last 4-5-6 generations have boost and stuff…

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maybe ?


Auto oc sapphire gpu

Fury Tri-X also enables that thing not just RX

Was in a hurry. Added Screenshots and a small description.

Pitched ASRock and Sapphire Support an Email. Maybe that gets me some answers.

Update: Sapphire replied

  1. Sapphire boost is used by some graphiccards
  2. Does not require mainboard support
  3. Ask ASRock what it does

Update: ASRock Replied


JFYI - I found enabling “Sapphire Boost” on my ASRock x370 Taichi seems to break the Linux TSC clock, leading to poor virtual machine performance/stability.

See Broken virtualisation (and more)…

Just found the same feature on my X370 Gaming K4 and this thread helped figure out what it does. At least what it’s supposed to do.

Was testing crossfire Sapphire HD3870 UEFI rom cards in the board with firmware P5.40 on the board.

Might be related to the cards being older, but Sapphire Boost when enabled just did ‘nothing’.

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