ASRock New Aqua Board for Z690 is good for 3000W

AsRock’s new Aqua board is totally overkill:

Though the article says it has 2 RAM slots, but the picture definitely shows 4.

That’s just nuts… and probably going to be $800-$1000 at launch. I just can’t understand why people would want to pay that much for an desktop board unless they are doing professional overclocking. Makes no sense to me.

Btw, article mentions two Aqua models. One has 4 DIMMs and the more expensive model only has 2.

I didn’t see the mention of 2 models, musta missed it. And yes, this is geared completely towards the Pro XOC people, but those with money to burn will buy it anyway. It is a schmexy board. Considering the last Aqua retailed for around $1000, I would actually expect this one to closer to $1200.

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