Asrock mobo BIOS shenanigans?

so i bought this motherboard when i came across a free cpu, bios version 2.0ish if i remember correctly.

id check asrocks website every few months for bios and have it at v2.50 as of right now but downloaded 2.60 a few weeks ago. kinda forgot it was in my downloads so i was about to flash it but figured hey what if they made 2.61 so i go back to their site to see 2.5 as the latest version. anyone have any info or was this maybe just a bad version so they pulled it?

H270M-ITX/ac —>

You would have to contact the company, maybe you were on their beta tab or something? What board are you talking about as well.

edited the post to include info not sure how i forgot that, i emailed them a bit ago but wanted to see if anyone knows of similar cases lately im just curious.

What is not working that prompted you to look for a BIOS upgrade? The BIOS is one thing that shouldn’t get upgraded “just because” in my humble opinion. If you have a specific issue, a new bios is worth a shot, otherwise don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

i just like keeping mine up to date for fixes in case i shoot myself in the foot later trying to add or tinker with shit, feel like it adds resale value too. ive never had a flash go wrong so i dont have that fear really.