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Asrock J4205-ITX for home server

I am considering this CPU/ Motherboard combo to replace my AMD 8350 server I currently have running 24/7.

The use case will be to run proxmox with two VMs. One VM will be pfsense with a 2 port 1G NIC passed through (if even possible on this board) and the other, a Linux VM for torrents or any other uses. I will also be running some samba shares on a x3 HDD mdadm setup off the debian host for proxmox. This is basically what the 8350 machine does at the moment.

Hardware wise, I will be pairing this with 16GB DDR3, 4 HDDs and housing in iSTARusa S-35 case.

Based on the specs I believe that this system should be able to handle the use case. I wasn’t able to find any in depth reviews on this product and only saw mention of a couple use cases with virtualization. Does anyone on here have any experience with these Asrock embedded setups and their performance?