ASRock Deskmini 110 Computer (5x5 PC) Overview - Wendell

Why is there no post for this yet?

Is that an older video put there to keep me on the channel?

Funny how this video has good ratings. Also funny that good ratings are apparently not hidden.


Interesting little device. Not sure what it really gives one over mini itx though. What really gets me is that it only has 2 usb ports on the back and only audio out on the front(I mean you could I'm guessing send audio through HDMI but even in business settings a lot of people have cheap speakers).

This is really really interesting. I had the same idea on how to use an external PCI device but what I thought is put into that expansion slot an ethernet card to realize a PFsense machine. To boot the machine use a ultra slim thumb drive to plug in the inside USB connector and boom, done.
One question: the SATA connectors support only 2.5" disks or also 3.5"?

Really liked the review, in depth and really precise. I hope to see even more of them in the future!

Does anyone know how well Sketchup would work with an integrated graphics setup on this? I'd like to get this for my garage as I'm tired of getting my laptop covered in saw dust.

Since the PSU is external and the power delivery to SATA has to come from the board, I wouldn't count on it.

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This looks like it has potential for being a great setup for remote Xbox one play with windows 10. Does anyone have any idea what the spec requirements are for report play?

I kind of want to get one of these things. I'm debating which would be more practical.
I need some large storage. Thought about getting a NAS but they are pretty expensive. I also really only have 1 computer I would connect to the NAS (although, if I actually had a NAS I could probably find more stuff to link to it) so maybe a NAS isn't the best option. I thought about getting an external hard drive rack, they are pretty inexpensive in the "personal use" department, but unfortunately the only personal use hard drive racks that have 4 slots weren't getting good reviews and seem to be kind of unreliable. 6 slots and up go into more commercial use and are just too expensive, might as well get a NAS at that point.
So I thought maybe I could get one of these things and make it as sort of a portable computer/tiny NAS. I won't have as many HDD inputs, but perhaps it's portability and desktop like environment can make up for that.

Hmmm...what to do?

I am sure it is possible but I don't know how to do it yet -
My first thought was to make a DVR + streaming system so I can watch TV or play games in my bedroom.
My main rig is bigger than I expected and I have been itching to build a mini system for more basic needs.

@wendell you got a Black Magic card.

How does it perform on Linux?

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