Asrock C2750D4I and two lights

Hello everyone,

After a few headaches building a Freenas box everything was working great. Even though I know you shouldn't I decided to switch it off as I was going to be away for a few days. I did this through the Freenas software. When I came back I powered up the unit from the power button on the case and everything powers up but nothing will boot all I get is two green lights on the motherboard. When I try to connect through the IPMI after logging in I just get a message saying it can not connect.

My system specs are:
Mobo - Asrock C2750D4I
Ram - Crucial CT2KIT102472BD160B x2 so 32GB of ram
PSU - 300W Silverstone SST-ST
Case - Sileverstone SST-DS380B
HDD - 8 3TB WD Red drives

Thanks for any help in advance

Your going to have to install a video card in it temporally to watch the boot up, that will tell you everything you need to know as to what is going on, I had a similar issue happen that was related to the IP address the box was using, after being shut down another device grabbed it's IP while it was shut down causing it to fail finish booting getting hung on it's network IP. Not saying that's your problem but you'll need a monitor connected directly to watch the boot to see what is going on and correct the problem.