ASIC Bitcoin Mining via Hardware Emulation

Feel free to shoot me down since I don't think this would work anyway. BUT would you be able to emulator Asic Hardware on a normal pc via some kind of Software that Emulates the Asic hardware?


kinda like this : were it emulates PowerPC Architecture.




In theory you can emulate any piece of hardware on PC, even consoles. In practice though, it's pretty hard to implement, especially if you don't have all the technical details of that piece of hardware.

Regarding the title, emulating a bitcoin ASIC miner creates more overhead than GPU mining has, so it doesn't get any more performant.

ASIC mining is hardware based, running a highly modified chip. So although you can emulate the software, an ASIC is actually a physical thing. So no, you can't emulate it

But you can emulate a physical thing? That's what emulation is isn't it? 2confusing4me Reminds me when I asked why you couldn't play minecraft in minecraft . It gets all kind of crazy

In theory I suppose you could. But there were studies done on the hardware requirements behind emulation and you eventually need something approaching and infinite amount of compute power to emulate a piece of hardware perfectly. That is why there are no current ps3/360 emulators, the hardware is just getting good enough to try and emulate gamecube and n64. So you probably could emulate and ASIC chip, but you would get no where near the performance of it, and it would be slower than an ASIC. Interesting time for bitcoin ahead, as having ASIC chips will finally free the currency from a heavy burden of mining on large scales. It could either tank, or the price could start to stabilize. 

once everything switches to asic some wacky things could happen. They could not sell the asic models and get allllll the bitcoins which would make some people mad :p 

It will also make bitcoins some what less interesting to the common nerd. Since you kinda have to buy a machine just for mining instead of using the one you already have for a new purpose.

yeah i was gonna write a post about the impact of ASIC's on the price of bitcoins,

um... asics are chips made just for a certain application. if you emulated an ASIC, it would be slower than a cpu....


because to emulae an ASIC that is fast you need computing power many times greater than what we have currently available. The faster the hardware you are trying to emulate, you need exponaentially greater faster hardware to emulate it.

it seem that you don't get it. okay. how about if I put it like this:

You have a mac, but you NEED to use a Windows program. yYou can emulate a whole new pc on your mac and install windows on it and use your program that way, but it would be slow and painfull to use, so if you NEED to use a windows program why not get an actual pc?

But you can? Via vm ware fusion , it runs windows with mac osx still running and it runs fine. I think virtualization is more software based, even though it usually does require good hardware 

The main thing is that via emulation, you lose a massive chunk of your performance. The only reason people want to emulate the N64 is because that hardware isn't around any more. To properly emulate a good windows system on a Mac, you would have to have hardware many times faster than that you were trying to emulate. The point is that emulation is pointless if you are trying to emulate current day hardware.

would you ride a horse riding a car in a dirt field? or just ride the horse? jesus man, I think you really need to revise your train of thoughts.

it's like putting a 4-cylinder in a racecar. sure, most people look at it and say "it's a racecar", but it just won't perform.


I think it totally might be able tooooooooooooo, I don't know much about ASIC hardware but from what it looks like it's not much, and just cuts out the bs things you don't need from gpu's and shoves all the good things into a small ASIC unit. Seems easy enough to emulate 

you'll get a far worse hash rate than just gpu mining. an asic is pretty much just stream cores, raw flops, not much more. a gpu has far fewer flops power than an asic, so it is POINTLESS to emulate.

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jebus bahurs, that's a little harsh. but seriously, sawyer, learn how emulation works, and you will see why it's pointless.

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