Asia-Pacific Yeston 6800XT Waifu Edition Price Check. Please?

I am just wondering if anyone in the Asia-Pacific area, or somewhere Yeston stuff is sold locally, could check on what the actual price of these are in the real world.

My only reference for it is AliExpress which varies from €1200 to €1700, which is far too much for a 6800XT sepcial edition ir not.

Just curiousity as if I was to get a new GPU it is the 6800XT I would be aiming for and while I always preach looking at the monitor over the window in the case, if it can look good at the same time all tbe better. Modern GPUs are functional first most of the time which is great, but the design thereafter is very poor normally, while it is a gimic and cringy in its focus, I quite like the design of the actual card.

Yes i do mean this one… :worried: