Asgardv1 concerns

So I recently bought a used Asgardv1 and been using it with my K7xxs.

I recently read about the voltage surge issue and I know my amp is from before they added it and I know I've head "popping" sounds when turning it off.

I know then send a 1.5-2.2v surge when shutting off and I'm kinda curious if I've already fucked my headphones (probably turned the amp off about 15 times with them plugged in) or am I just being paranoid?

If your headphones don't sound off or still work you should be fine. Just be careful when turning on and off your amp. If I remember correctly (which I probably don't) the problem was when you turned the amp on, one of the switching circuits were dumb and didn't have a delay...?

Anyhow, you are probably fine.

Its when it turns off actually, you can see the diaphragm deforming.

but thanks, I'm kinda paranoid that I damaged a pair of nice cans thats all.

Oh jeez, the diaphragm is deforming...? Unplug that thing before you turn it off, just to be safe, or just don't turn it off. Would hate to tear the diaphragm (something I know happens when you drive headphones with a speaker amp).

As far as I'm aware, there was no permanent damage done to any pairs of headphones from the Asgard. On the other hand, just be careful. You don't wanna have the first reported casualty.