Artsnow custom mousepads

Well unlike others that are a little more to the chase for their own entertainment I like to give a good angle picture or view of a product to show others that wish to see the item, that is, within my temptations that I can make a video for people, so I created a video for the custom mouse pads I got from for 3$ flat, free shipping.

Code: MSPD99

Works on all but college pads I believe.

Anyways here's the video

Preview Picture on their website:


Actual product:




oh so they have yet another sale, that's awesome. frank hit me up when he first got his and i made a mousepad too lol



it took mine quite awhile to get to me..

u might wanna cencorz ur address lol

lol i don't care really.. so far i dunno anyone in RTW who lives in maryland >:/

im going to mail you a dead skunk

If Logan see's your address, he will post you a box snake nest's.

lol pinoysigma

whats wrong with that? i wanted to have that as a mousepad. And will he???!?

i adore snakes.

Im fucking making 8 ._.


better make haruhi and tomoyo ones DEFINITELY.

I made 3 haruhi a gundam, mgs3, and 3 tomoyo

the tomoyo ones are hot as fuck man


No thanks I like my Razer Goliath.

Holy crude is that a Microsoft Sidewinder x6?

How do you game on those type of mouse? Really

take pics when you get them jason :3

Hmm, is the mousepads any good?..

Like.. I would get one, not from that store tho. (would buy in norway)

Buuuut Im happy with my gigantic qck +

lol it's just a cheap decoration mouse pad. i actually use mine since i'm not trying to buy a $20-30+ GAMING mouse pad. but it feels nice and soft :D

I live in MD.

where in maryland?

about 20 minutes from cambridge.

lol that's pretty damn far from me. i live closer to hyattsville, brentwood and DC