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Artists you like

Are there any artists you like in particular? Share them here!
By "artists" I mean people that make shit you see with your eyes not stuff you touch or ear-hole or taste or smell or read I guess because then it'd be literature.

I'll start:

Simon Stålenhag - link

He's done some art for no man's sky recently.

Chander Lieve - link

I can't remember how I found this person.

Niklas Åkerblad - link

Also makes music and did some work for the game hotline miami.

Leonid Afremov - link



I'll start with old stuff.

Turner - 'The Blue Rigi, Sunrise'


Casper David Friedrich

Johann Christian Clausen Dahl

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Anne Stokes
Note: Coworker walks by. I just ask: "How is that artist called again I once told you about."
Coworker: Anne Stokes?
Me (facepalms and headbangs the table) Cheers


You've both gone for old shit and now I look like a dweeb

Only because I can not remember the names! I am still at work and can not look them up!
I do not want to make people sad because of art!

Wolfgang Tillmans is pretty rad

@CrossCarbon I'm only joking I'm not that bothered ;p

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Phillip Gray. Another person I can't remember how I found.

Alphons Mucha is who I named my cat after.

Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam! - 1963

Piet Mondrian

Rene Magritte

Le Corbusier - I have this in LEGO.

Frank Gehry

Philip Johnson - I was architectural engineer for 'Da Monsta'.

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That's a cool name for a cat!
Next chance I have to get a cat I intend to just call it Kevin. It'll be Kevin the Kool Kat, KKK for short - and then when it does something annoying I'll shout at it: "KEVIN, WHY ARE YE SUCH A FECKIN RACIST?!".

All cats have 3 names, but Alphonse tries to keep his last name on the down low.
If my name were Al Bundy I wouldn't tell anyone either!

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Only one artist in my life.


Out of curiosity I started watching one of his things once and it was really relaxing

Yea Bob was my childhood, watched PBS for hours during his specials. Still listen to him at night, dudes voice is like Ambien.

Does porn artists count?


I guess so

Well as long as you don't post NSFW stuff here sure, whatever.
Can't see the problem with naming a work or artist as long as you don't actually post the thing here.
Same goes for any other NSFW works I'd assume.

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I like a lot of the old renaissance and surrealist painters. I'm a big fan of landscapes too. I stumbled upon a local artist named Michael Orwick, who I think is amazing (really love his ability to express dramatic lighting). One day I'm hoping to own a few of his pieces. Here's some examples:


Here is my favorite living photographer:



anthony ausgang

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