Art requests (one serious, one funnyish)

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking for two things... let me do the one I'm really wanting first and then go to the second one.

I'm wanting to get a tattoo of adult link replacing the mastersword in the temple of time, thus returning him to his childhood. This would be symbolism of myself returning to my 'childhood' through video games. I may end up having shadow link watching over him eventually, indicating the inner struggle we can never escape or something, but I digress. I can't find a picture of something along those line anywhere but I did find this:

Which is almost exactly what I want, except it has the 'cartoony' look, which is just the drawers artstyle and while it's great, I'm looking for something 'real' for the tattoo. Also it's young link removing the sword, not vice versa.

Second thing!

Looking for someone to draw a picture of an old computer of some sorts waving a cane at a surface pro or some new fancy device telling him to get off his LAN.

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With this here at the bottom of the pic it should show Link stabbing through a Nintendo Switch with his sword. RIP Nintendo Switch ... killed before birth.