ART ideas

hey guys jakers here (tht is what my friend calls me you guys dont care) anyways i have a antec 300 case... untouched..... and an art project due monday I NEED IDEAS, themes, and how to videos.

please nothing tht is commonly done like hl2 based case or like amd and intel and ati spray painted on the side

i'm looking for the full case to be re-done and a small window

Do a sick custom side window design, and something cool on the top maybe.

Paint the inside a dark color, and I think you can mod the front to look like any design you want, you just gotta add a couple of LED fans.

oh fuck man lol

I was thinking of getting an antec 300 and modding the fuck out of it i dont know what theme to go with though

I don't know if you can put LED's in there so I won't consider it.

Paint the entire thing white (good white, not that shitty kind) and have all the non metal shit black. Get a stencil of Che Guevara and spray it on the back panel.

Why Che? Moar like Boxche.


i need some more guys come on

like frank said,. paint the whole thing white....but instead of the che shit.. grab a painting brush and go crazy on your brand new white computer canvas!

make sure to cut the window b4 hand if ur doing one

Meh could do something like this "and yes I know I'm a day late.All you would have to do is take some painting tape and cover where you want the black lines then spray it white. After it drys remove the tape then paint in your name.

Make it spitfire ish... The airplanes.. you know... with the mouth and shit