ART (android run time) issues

Don't switch to android ART run time yet

If you are thinking to switch to ART run time when android 4.4 kitkat comes out on your device...well don't do it yet because you have a chance of bricking your device

I had an early update for my nexus 4 from Google (this was an official update, i was not rooting my phone) after about a day of playing around with android 4.4 i decided to switch to the new ART run time. It took about 20-25 min to reboot since i have about 220-230 apps (i know, crazy right?). So it finally booted up, but I had a problem, every app was crashing i basically couldn't use my phone, so i decided to restart it. It successfully turned off but when i went to turn it on it was just stuck on the boot animation, i could not do nothing about it, so i just had to wait until it was out of charge for it to turn off. Now the phone is off, I tried to turn it on several times but it still did not work (I was still stuck on the boot animation). I had tried researching it online, but i did not find anything. So i thought of making a hardware factory reset because it is so pose to reset everything including my settings right? So i was about to go into the second screen in my boot loader (were you get the option of wiping everything on your device) and my phone suddenly turns on (it takes another 15 min to do that), the apps were running just fine (i checked to see what run time it was using, it was the using the dalvik, which is the stock one) . So you probably would want to wait until Google releases an update to that ART run time.
Thank you for reading and bye.

Yeah there are a lot of similar stories out there. It's for developers only so far.

I think unless you have a Nexus 5, don't turn on ART.  Not to mention that Google did a pretty crappy port to the other Nexus devices so don't expect KitKat to be implemented well.