Around Town headphones

Hey everyone. 

I'm after some headphones for when i'm away from my desk. I currently own a set of Sennheiser HD555's and I love them! However they are kind of big, they have a 3m long cable which terminates in a 1/4 inch jack and due to the fairly open nature of the headphones I cant really use them at Uni as they are audible to the entire room.

I'm after something small, so I was thinking some closed back on the ear headphones would be what I am looking for, however, I'm open to suggestions. 

I would really love something with a single entry cable which is replaceable (since the cable is usually the only thing that dies) , i'm a bit of a sucker for industrial minimal styling and I would say my budget is around $150.00 AUD.

I like the look of the Audio Technica ES88 (out of my price range at $250+shipping) and the Grado SR80i (although they don't look too comfortable and they are open back too)


Can anyone think of anything off the tops of their heads that i should be looking at? 

Thanks in advance! 


\\ chinnerz

i have not had the fortune to try these, but i have heard MANY great things about the Audi Technica M50. in fact, unless some other set comes out that beats the (at least, from what i hear in reviews) audio quality, build features, price.. then these will be my first real set of headphones i buy (only ever used in ear, some older SONY cans, and early 90s walkman headphones)

one cool feature that would come in handy when you are out and about is the earcups, which rotate, allowing you lay them on your collarbone, flat, and comfortably. they also fold up it you want to stash them somewhere like a work drawer or something.

there is a newer version, the m50x

same headphones, except it has a removable cord (comes with 3. long straight, long soiled, and short straight for portability). also comes in White.

I use the Sony MDR-V500's they are pretty easy to take with you in my opinion and I can listen to music in class without anyone hearing it and they fold up so you could take a look at them.

Thanks for the quick responses :3 

I agree with you Weston that the AT M50 are some really good cans, however there are a few things stopping me from getting them. Skating around is a major form of transport for me so I tend to be a little rough with my headphones, I Need for there to be a replaceable cable otherwise they are going to be quite short lived. Secondly (and this is 100% in my own opinion) I don't really like the way they look they are a bit busy and are a little big. That being said, If my senheisers died tomorrow, i would probably end up going for the at m50s


Inaki, the v500's seem like really good cans. They have been described as being really nice. However since they are discontinued, I haven't really been able to find a good deal on a set that will ship to my house. 

In my research i came across another set of sony discontinued headphones, the mdr-zx700/701ip and their "pro" branded equivalent, the mdr-7510. They have a really nice look to them and allegedly the sound is fairly mint, if not a little lacking on the low end; at around $110 AUD they are at a good price point also. However i took a moment to refocus i guess and decided that they were kinda big for what I wanted them for. So the search continues I guess. 

that is why i suggested the M50x

the are M50's with a detatchable cable. and it comes with 3 detatchable cables. a long straight, a long coiled, and a shirt straight, which you could use with your phone/mp3 player

I agree that from my research they do seem like the best sounding headphones but I don't really like the way they look. For me looks are very important.

I'll keep looking post back with what I end up getting. As always suggestions are much appreciated.