Around 1200 gaming PC

 I've recently saved up about 1200! Cut of from fastfood and such! I'm looking for a PC using Intel and NVIDIA. I'd also prefer to use the Corsair Graphite 600T Special Edition White Case, if not, something similar would be great too. It's main purpose would be gaming. I'd like to overclock as well probably using Corsairs H100i, unless you guys feel others are more fit and include windows 8 into the build please. ( IF POSSIBLE, no biggie, i'd prefer to keep a blue-ish theme within the PC ) 

The budget is preferably around 1200 but i'm willing to go up to 1400 if i feel it's worth it.

That is all, thanks guys!

This is what I came up with its got everything you want but I put the NZXT phantom in instead its a cheaper alternative to the 600T.  I also used intel and nvidia and I have a 64gb ssd to be used for Intel smart response which is very effective at speeding up the whole system.

Thanks! I really like it, I'm wondering, any reason you choose higher 1866 ram than 1600??